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Version 1.3!

Added themes, pagination and JavaScript fallback messages. Site only uses three scripts, two for themes, and one for CAPTCHAs. The original color scheme has been named "kuromomo," derived from the Japanese words "kuro," meaning black, and "momo," meaning purple! If you make any of your own themes, or have any feedback about the site and it's features, send me an E-Mail!



Boards is now listed on two of the biggest BBS directories on the web! It was first added to AllChans and then the IPTIA BBS Directory. Pretty cool! :P

Carbon Footprint

Boards generates a little under 0.02kg of CO2 per site visit! We've only generated about 0.3kg (Adjusted for natural absorption) of CO2 in the site's lifespan!


We hit 4.20k unique visitors lel

Banner Voting!

Voting is now open!! Go vote for your favorites. (Though don't vote for yourself!)

Thank you all who submitted a banner! :D

Man Down!

Boards went offline for 12 hours because of the previous hosting provider shutting down all of their services in the middle of the night (WITHOUT NOTICE?!)... I migrated to a new host which is costing me more (About $4 a month) :c

Site time zone has changed as the new host doesn't default to global time. Will fix later. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Boards is the TOP RESULT on Google for the search "boards graybox", among other search terms!! Looks like all that SEO paid off!!


I made it so lines starting with a hashtag are rendered with a darker text color! I did this because everyone kept using hashtags to write greentext-like stories and I thought it would fit lel


I made the reply count display under a thread's title instead of as a tooltip. This is purely for convenience! I thank the poster who made /thread/1155 for making me realize that the tooltip isn't too obvious lel


Boards has finally hit 2k unique visitors! Thank you all for your support!! Very surprised by all the attention this stupid little side-project of mine is getting. Textboards aren't popular in English-speaking countries at all, and haven't been relevant in Japan for years! Anyways, love you guys!



Do you want to be popular and famous? Buy an ORIGINAL GrayBox Boards™ T-Shirt featuring everyone's favorite Kaomoji, Mona!


I made a page on Neocities showcasing photos of Boards ads in the wild! Feel free to E-Mail me so I can add your own little piece of GrayBox-romanticizing vandalism to the list!

Three Amigos!

Everyone welcome our first 3 Janitors!
They're gonna be lurking the boards deleting anything that they see as unfit, unnecessary, or dangerous. If your thread randomly gets deleted and you think it was unfair, it's probably their fault lol. E-Mail me if you have any questions for them and I'll relay it onto them!


You can now see the amount of replies a thread has by hovering your cursor above a thread's title. I also finally added an admin login, which allows me to more easily delete threads and view IPs. Ill be trying to implement the thread deletion feature for regular users, too! Maybe check the current IP against the thread's IP... hrmmmm...


Captcha is now way easier (And generates faster!)

New Index Page!

Moved some stuff around! Index page is now responsive, and updates/announcements are editable through the Database. Will be moving all old announcements to here!

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