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tummy hurt by Jax

Do you guys even read these anymore?

Poop by Jax

Erm, what the sigma? Erm, what the sigma? Erm, what the sigma? Erm, what the sigma? Erm, what the sigma?

Mwah! by Nyehehe

I loooooveee you Vil!!!! I was kicking my feet in the air while I wrote about you in my super_secret_blog.html file!!! Even though no one will ever see said file, I still took the time to decorate it!!

please fall in love with me,
NOT Jax ♡

Come back! by Jax

I miss you, Musicguy!

Growth? by Jax

I remember when I got really excited when I first hit 2k unique visitors, that was over 4 months ago. Now I'm getting 8k visitors A MONTH (And I own a decently active MC server)! Crazy how my silly winter-break side project turned into something so big... I'd like to thank you all for sticking around and giving me your support! Love ya' guys! ^___^

There shall be more to come...


Minecraft by Jax

Minecraft server is up! Cracked clients are allowed. Use PollyMC (Linux Compatible)!
Version: 12.2

Spoilers Part 2: Electric Boogaloo by Jax

Changed spoiler syntax again. It's %% instead of % now. Did this cause posts with multiple percentages were getting messed up

Eyesore? by Jax

Eyesore theme is less eyesore-y now!

Ugh by Jax

Changed spoiler syntax from | to % since ASCII art uses a lot of pipe characters. Went through the DB fixing the formatting for y'all's convenience.

Version 1.4.4 (W.I.P!) by Jax

Playing around with some new features, that's why 1.4.4 is in beta right now. To start, I added textarea scaling and made it use the default font. Now AA easier to view while making a post. I also added spoiler text, simply add | around a piece of text!

Fanart by Jax

Thank you for the amazing, profound, and thought-provoking fanart, Mr. or Ms. Aenenanae.

War by Jax

Love, not war!!

Please don't kill us, Gikopoi

... by Anonymous Janitor

#boards on rizon.

PI by Anonymous Janitor

happy PI day, guys!

IRC by Jax

IRC is down...

STOP by Jax



IRC by Jax

Hosting an IRC server on, port 6667. No SSL... (yet!)

Frens by Jax

I cross-linked with Gikopoi ^___^ Made a button 4 them since links r BOOOORINGGG

Database RECOVERED! by Jax

Last night, the database provider I was using unexpectedly terminated my account. I managed to salvage a backup from a couple of days ago and manually retrieved the remaining data by copying and pasting directly from the site, which was somehow still logged into the database! While there may be some missing posts and potential mistakes in metadata like location or date, the data that I did get back is good enough. :P

very funny by Vil

Jax seems to have added a new INCREDIBLY FUNNY captcha! I don't know how long it will be in use for but you should check it out if you haven't already!

Ads by Jax

Added a single footer advertisement on the Index. Don't worry, I'm not using Google AdSense or whatever... Your data is safe!

Test by Jax

This is a test of the new announcement creation system! Since Janitors also have access to this new feature, I added names too!

New Janitors!! by Jax

New Janitors?! Welcome them and be nice!
iNegroed (you and me both know it isn't "negroed")
Octo (the slovakian dude)

Server Stats by Jax

Here are some server statistics cause why not!

As of 3/1/2024

Threads & Replies: 867 (272 KiB)
Days On-Line: 43
Unique Visitors: 6,780
Cached Content: ~5.08 KiB
Total Server Requests: ~93.01 KiB
Server Attacks Blocked: 22
Carbon Emissions: 0.05kg

Multiplayer Cursors Part 2 by Jax

Multiplayer Cursors now work over HTTPS... and only over HTTPS. Chrome is being an asshole and is not accepting my SSL certificate, so use another browser until it does. Fear not, those who refuse to use HTTPS... I'll probably re-implement the HTTP version of the WebSocket at some point!

Edit: It works on Chrome now :P

Beta Feature! by Jax

I'm working on live multiplayer cursors! This feature is currently in beta and the only way to access it is to use the unencrypted HTTP version of the site. Side note: Most early-access updates will likely be accessible via HTTP before becoming available through HTTPS.

View All Banners by Jax

Added a "View All Banners" link under the banners. Don't steal em!

First Donation!!! by Jax

Thank you to Salty for donating $5 whole dollaroonies!! That covers the months server cost!! Now for the domain...

Banners by Jax

At this point, instead of doing banner votes, I'll just be accepting any banners sent to me via E-Mail (unless it sucks lol)

1.3.1 (Again) by Jax

Added [Random] to the navigation menu. It takes you to a random thread, obviously.

Version 1.3.1 by Jax

Made the navigation a modular component. Added links to a store page and donation page!

About the banner vote. by Jax

I'm not seeing as much hype around the new banner vote, so I'm just going to add all of the banners that people submitted to me. If you guys feel like there *should* be a banner vote again, tell me!
The people who submitted banners and didn't ask to stay anonymous were:
Dragon-Lord Ballsazhar

Thank you to everyone who submitted a banner; you lucked out this time.

Version 1.3! by Jax

Added themes, pagination and JavaScript fallback messages. Site only uses three scripts, two for themes, and one for CAPTCHAs. The original color scheme has been named "kuromomo," derived from the Japanese words "kuro," meaning black, and "momo," meaning purple! If you make any of your own themes, or have any feedback about the site and it's features, send me an E-Mail!


Lists by Jax

Boards is now listed on two of the biggest BBS directories on the web! It was first added to AllChans and then the IPTIA BBS Directory. Pretty cool! :P

Carbon Footprint by Jax

Boards generates a little under 0.02kg of CO2 per site visit! We've only generated about 0.3kg (Adjusted for natural absorption) of CO2 in the site's lifespan!

Weed. by Jax

We hit 4.20k unique visitors lel

Banner Voting! by Jax

Voting is now open!! Go vote for your favorites. (Though don't vote for yourself!)

Thank you all who submitted a banner! :D

Man Down! by Jax

Boards went offline for 12 hours because of the previous hosting provider shutting down all of their services in the middle of the night (WITHOUT NOTICE?!)... I migrated to a new host which is costing me more (About $4 a month) :c

Site time zone has changed as the new host doesn't default to global time. Will fix later. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Google by Jax

Boards is the TOP RESULT on Google for the search "boards graybox", among other search terms!! Looks like all that SEO paid off!!

Hashtags by Jax

I made it so lines starting with a hashtag are rendered with a darker text color! I did this because everyone kept using hashtags to write greentext-like stories and I thought it would fit lel

Mini-Update by Jax

I made the reply count display under a thread's title instead of as a tooltip. This is purely for convenience! I thank the poster who made /thread/1155 for making me realize that the tooltip isn't too obvious lel


Boards has finally hit 2k unique visitors! Thank you all for your support!! Very surprised by all the attention this stupid little side-project of mine is getting. Textboards aren't popular in English-speaking countries at all, and haven't been relevant in Japan for years! Anyways, love you guys!


MERCH?! by Jax

Do you want to be popular and famous? Buy an ORIGINAL GrayBox Boards™ T-Shirt featuring everyone's favorite Kaomoji, Mona!

Photos by Jax

I made a page on Neocities showcasing photos of Boards ads in the wild! Feel free to E-Mail me so I can add your own little piece of GrayBox-romanticizing vandalism to the list!

Three Amigos! by Jax

Everyone welcome our first 3 Janitors!
They're gonna be lurking the boards deleting anything that they see as unfit, unnecessary, or dangerous. If your thread randomly gets deleted and you think it was unfair, it's probably their fault lol. E-Mail me if you have any questions for them and I'll relay it onto them!

Update! by Jax

You can now see the amount of replies a thread has by hovering your cursor above a thread's title. I also finally added an admin login, which allows me to more easily delete threads and view IPs. Ill be trying to implement the thread deletion feature for regular users, too! Maybe check the current IP against the thread's IP... hrmmmm...

Captcha by Jax

Captcha is now way easier (And generates faster!)

New Index Page! by Jax

Moved some stuff around! Index page is now responsive, and updates/announcements are editable through the Database. Will be moving all old announcements to here!

Site Stats:
Threads/Replies: 2850
Days Online: 131
RAM Usage: 93.45%
Days since reboot: 1

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